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Choose one of two great rewards programs - Cash Up or Miles Up by Deem

Cash Up cards

Up your spending game with Cash Up which you can redeem on purchases, vouchers and more.

Miles Up cards

Take travel to the next level with Miles Up which you can exchange for air tickets and hotel stays among other rewards.

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Our personal loans are easy to apply for and repay in instalments that are easy on the pocket.
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We are courageous

We're not afraid of trying new things. If we see something that’ll make your financial journey better, we say ‘challenge accepted’.

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If full support is what you’re expecting, you got it. So relax when you choose any of our financial services.

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When we say, we’re on this journey with you, we mean it, we are available to you 24/7.

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We believe in keeping it simple. When you understand the language we speak, you can easily take charge of your finances with confidence.

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